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Data Backup and Recovery

We recognize the value of the information on your hard drive. In many cases it equates to countless hours of work and effort by you or by your employees. We also know that not having access to this information can be detrimental to your business.

Our main objective is the recovery of your data in the shortest period of time possible so that you can get up and running again. We will use the latest software tools and configurations to perform the recovery. We can work with most operating systems and many types of data files.

We will first diagnose the problem with your drive which usually takes one to two hours. We will then notify you of the exact problem and provide you with a timeframe and cost to recover the data. If we cannot recover the data due to severe damage there will be just a one hour charge. The recovery process can take up to 48 hours depending on the amount of the data and the condition of the drive.

The next step to recovering your data is to put it on an alternate media usually CD or DVD for reading. We will then return the drive and the data to you.

While this satisfies the data recovery aspect, in most cases a new hard drive will be required and it will need to be reloaded with an operating system. We can also provide this service as well for an additional charge.

As always, your data will be kept completely confidential during the whole process.

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